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We put our furry friends on a pedestal in return for their unconditional love. Treat them like royalty with the finest Mink.  Hand knit with a lame filigree crown finished with Swarovski crystals.


Made in the USA
100% Mink from Mongolia
Machine wash gentle, tumble dry 

Cruelty-free brushed Mink is the ultimate luxury fiber; it's incredibly lightweight, warm, and oh-so soft.  Knit Mink develops a distant feathery-light wispy halo that only improves over time; the more you wear it and the more you'll be tempted to pet it.  Mink possesses excellent body and drape for such lightweight fibers.  The Minks are NOT harmed in any way.  While in captivity the Minks are treated humanely and respectfully. Healthy stress-free Minks are brushed twice a year produce the most luxurious fibers.  

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