About Lilbear


Company History and Mission

Laura Berry founded LilBear in 2006. Uniting her creativity and love of fiber designs with a desire to support women.  Laura firsts designs handmade accessories working with women around the world to obtain the finest 100% fair-trade fibers.  We then partner with knitters in the U.S. to lovingly craft each piece by hand.  In a full-circle spirit, people who appreciate fine craftsmanship purchase these beautiful hand made gifts of love.


Fair Trade

LilBear gifts are 100% fair trade.  The receiver of our handmade accessories can enjoy knowing so many hands have lovingly touched it, making a difference both in the third worlds and in the United States.  The yarn and fibers come from fair-trade co-ops in Nepal, Bolivia, Peru, South Africa and India.  The women there are then able to support their families, purchase electricity, provide running water, and send their children to school.  Talented women from impoverished areas in the United States then handcraft every LilBear product.  This global community of artisans is strengthening the world one family at a time. 


Laura Berry

Our founder, Laura Berry, is a fiber artist with a love of many creative pursuits.  Her eye for design, color, and texture imbue her creations with a unique aesthetic.  Her works have been awarded numerous honors at juried shows throughout the nation.  Laura’s love of fiber arts has given her the opportunity to collaborate with women from Appalachia to Africa.  She feels truly enriched and inspired by this experience.

Laura’s dedication has deepened over the years, and she knows first hand the healing and the comfort that come from this work.  She credits this creative process for helping her cope with a series of personal challenges.  Having emerged stronger and wiser, she feels she has been blessed with a renewed peacefulness, divine inspiration, and a dedication to helping other women.

Laura can be found working in her studio daily with her companion Jordan, a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, her best friend, and inspiration for this design line.

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